Hick and Roughstock


Thanks for the post, I’ve been waiting for someone to confirm which part of the shifting mechanism was giving people trouble, plus its good to know I guessed right. :)

I’ll keep an eye on mine, perhaps I can order the PN for an ’01 and swap it out sometime soon. I’m waiting for HLSM to come out with the ’01 fiche.

Thanks again, glad you got your bike together and that your tranny didn’t eat the wayward pin.

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Hick, thanks for the info on the WR-400 shift problem, you were right it was quite a coincidence, I was riding a sand track as well. Anyway, it was the pin that the roller rides on to move the shifter. I didn't have to split cases but the pin and roller were way down in a tight opening at the end of the oil case where the drain plug is at. Had to use a dental hook and slim magnetic rod to get them out. I just used some "sleave lock" on the pin because it is just pressed into the hole and put it back together. Works fine but I'm still not comfortable with this set up. It is a weak link in the process. I think I'll replace it with the 2001 part this winter. (If it doesn't go out before) Again thanks and I hope Roughstock didn't have to pay to have cases split.

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