'05 R Vs '04 R Carbs

Given the different jetting charts for the '04 and '05 R's, does anyone know what other differences there are between the two carbs?


Well...my story is a bit different being that I am running the JD jetting red needle...

I had my jetting dialed in with a 172 main for 75f to 85f temps. Today at 81f with the new more efficient 2005 head...I had to go leaner on the main and richer a half tun on the fuel screw to clean it up...using pump fuel anyway. A 170 made a nice difference. With the Ultimate-4 next time I probably will need to go richer again....

Oh yeah, I am also using a 50 leak jet...no more burble and bog on hard throttle settings when landing a jump...

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