:naughty:undefinedMy sons crf250 keeps stalling , like it is running out of gas, I put my carb on , no fix , I put my cdi box on , no fix, I put my spark plug coil on , still no fix ?? his bike has my carb, my cdi, my coil and it still stalls out like it is running out of gas! yes it has gas, we checked the tank and petcock and hoses for blockage, no blockage. HELP :naughty: My bike is a 04 crf250 also except wile i was putting all my parts on my sons bike i sent my motor off to become a 302.

how many hours are on the bike? i had a similar problem when i first got mine, and it was just from running crappy gas. as soon as i stepped up to the highest pump gas i could get, it made a much needed improvement.

I agree with the gas situation. Running a much better gas burns cleaner and all around better.

had a situation with my sx 125 where I had intermittent lean conditions which was finally traced to an aftermarket fuel vent cap[those little aluminum ones] that was faulty & created a vacuum in tank----heard also of ones that stick & won't vent pressure in hot sun---no longer trust em & use the vent hose----check venting on stock cap also

Thank you i will check the vent hose thing. that is the exact symptom, I know i have good gas , we have changed it twice.

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