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So far....

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Ive ordered for my new TE510:

Rooster products:

rear disc guard

case saver

rad guards

Uptiite(awsome to deal with):

skid plate


JD jetting kit

and bought from ThinAirMoto.com:

hand guards

and some other goodies

Is there anything else I MUST have as far as protection for this bike.

Thanks, Tim

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consider that rooster side pipe guard. me and another TTer here have burnt our inside right pant legs on that part of the pipe just before it enters the muffler. normally while riding the bike your leg is clear, but some how at rest or maybe while throwing the leg over rarely but sometimes if you brush your right inside leg on that hot pipe , you'll find pant leg goo on the pipe there.

that Rooster front brake disk guard is pretty and a great guard, but more $$ so it waited for my purchase, my guess is the rear disc guard is more important. I have both now.

a HEARTY Congratulations on your new bike. When do you pick it up? I thought it was in stock?

back to the rooster side pipe guard. peakrider has a metal shop and he is making me a cutom guurd piece. this was before i knew rooster had one. So when i get mine from peakrider if you like he can make one for you too.

the stock tires work good in my view. the rear tire looks wierd but it works and the front tire acts like an S-12. good front tire.

GET AN EXTENDED Fuel screw. I got from from IMS. important for slight elevation and temperature change adjustments on the trails. The 510 stock FS setting is 2 turns...... JD and others recommedn 1.5 turns but actually being able to work that FS from 2.5 turns down to 1.25 turns helps when you climb 2000 feet and the temperature warms up then you can turn the fuel screw in from say 2.25 to 1.5 makes it better as the day and climb make you richer.

the so cal desrt guys recommend a 15 tooth counter sprocket for more top end. the stock gearing is 14/50. probably best you ride it stock first before thinking gearing changes.

the side kick stand is an automatic stand. if you set the stand on the trails and your bike is pointed down hill.it may walk its self into the ground...... BUT I have found that stand to be very stable when u pay attention to setting it and you park the bike on a decent level place on the trails. then the cool thing is when you climb back on the bike just tip it some and the stand jumps up automatically. there are a couple posts here about modifying the stand to be not auto up if you want. But I like it.

get the spare new rear brake pads you'll need em soon.

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Not sure how you are with suspension but make sure you play with the rebound front and rear. Makes a huge difference. Also the high speed on the shock will really control the way it turns. Of course make sure the spring rates are right for you and the sag is set. Oh, and I'm not sure about the 05's but these bikes are notorious for comming with funky oil levels in the forks, sometimes different on each side. I always swap it out with Redline 5wt as I love that stuff.

Congrates :naughty:

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I will get the front disc guard from rooster when the wallet (wife) allow, it sure is pretty but a bit pricey and Im running out of dough. With this bike it feels like Im going all out at once but hey, you only live once.

I will actually pick up the bike next week, my loan check wont get mailed out till Friday so I have to wait, I put $1000 down to hold it till then. Kinda funny shop, they only have bike one the floor and its now mine.

I should probably do a search but if anyone nows where to start with jetting at 6000 feet chime in.

Now if I die before I retire I wont feel like I got cheated! :naughty:

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yes there was a 6000 ft jetting post. If ya find my jetting post you will see I was not happy with JD's jetting. he and I have exchanged e-mails and he has accepted my comments as my comments and also gave me a new mix of his stuff to try out. My choice was to try and work with the husky stock needle first.

My current and satisfied jetting answer after a couple of trys for 4000 ft and 50-70F is:

Stock needle at 4th clip ( up one clip from stock position of 5th clip)

50 low speed jet ( down sized from the stock 55)

180 main jet (down one size from stock 185).

FS at 2 turns

for 6000 feet based on my sucess you could try;

stock needle at 3rd clip

45 pilot jet and 175 main jet

FS at 2 turns.

or if that leans it out to much go back to 4th clip

JD's kits has a richer needle so he uses smaller jets.

His low speed jet is a 45 and reading his kit now ( the instructions you will get) for 6000-9000 ft he recomends his red needle at 4th clip, 45 low speed jet, and a 170 main jet and as i said 1.5 FS turns is his basic FS setting.

JD created this 450/510 kit after dyno testing it with one TTer's 05 TE-450.

My reaction to his stuff was the bike had a lean pop down low ----I suspect from the 45 pilot jet and that 1.5 FS turns....and and the mid range I thought i lost power compared with my stock setting.... my interpretation the 510 wanst more fuel then the 450.....but there are arguments that 50 cc displacement differences should not

require jetting chnages - that i dont see how that adds up. but JD;s kit for the 450 exc and 525 exc is the same too i hear - dont know.

a couple few guys here love what JD's kit did for their bikes, i think they are 450 owners. in my call to JD that i thought his 45 pilot was too small for the 510. he said maybe but asked me to try the blue neeldes which is richer down low.......so yeah in a while I will try that. but like i said if the JD jetting gives only a smal improvement then i better really know my bike to see that impriovement.

JD is a good customer service type guy and you can e-mail him directly to tell him of your observations of his recommended settings and if you want to tweek it some, he'll add his thoughts to yours.

one thing is true - most users of the JD kit on the 05 450/510 have aid it makes small differnces..........given that i felkt why not figure it out with the stock needle firts - really ride it in lots of conditions till I KNOW the husky needle and then try some moer JD needle and his settings.

When I jumped to the JD stuff on my third day, it was too early I really hadn't had the stock jetting long enough to know it.

any way. i'll be interested to hear your jetting experiences with the 510. i have mine right where i want it.

hope ya dont mind the rambling. Hopefully some of the better mechanics and the JD kit proponents here will speak up. there some helpful husky guys here.

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