Cheapest XR400 D/S kit?

Easy question. Baja Designs is $500 :naughty: . I HAVE my plate, I NEED a kit.

The least expensive way to D/S your bike is to do it yourself. My 250 I just bought was not...... here is a list and price of items I bought to make it legal.

rear brake light switch <$20

acerbis led brake, tail @$35

acerbis l/h mirror <$20

horn, lots of options for <$20

Not sure what the laws in CA state about turn signals, here in Colorado that's what your arms are for :naughty:

All said and done you should be able to do it on your own for $100.

That sounds more like it! My only problem is that I know didly about wiring. In CA we do neet turn sigs and flasher. So, i'll learn wiring and do it myself then.

The stock tail-light actually uses a two filament bulb. You just have to run a second wire to it to have a brake light.

If you want to extend the rear fender and have a taillight/brakelight/license plate holder combo, then there is surplus cannondale stuff available on e-bay from a liquidator who purchase a ton of cannondale parts (I bought my ohlins forks from them). Look here...


Thanks guys. I'm on it! Looks like I CAN do it on the cheap with a little D.I.Y. ingenuity. Maybe a trip up to Four Strokes Only is on tomorrows agenda :naughty: . Flush mounts for $10, etc, and I can have it all NOW :D ! If this dual sporting thing catches on with me, i'll be doing the Ricky Stator, computer helmet light, blah blah blah, in a month or so :naughty: .

The TT Store also sells the Dakar Dual Sport Kit it is DOT approved also.

Might wanna check it out as an option as well.

Here is a link and price. Its for the XR400 96-04.

Dakar Dual Sport Kit

Its in the Parts Unlimited Offroad Catalogue you can download here at TT for more info on it also.

Its a lil lower in price then the Baja Designs kit as well.

I have just resently installed the dakar kit. Very nice set up, wiring very easy to do. 100% dot legal no problems whit the dmv :naughty::naughty: :

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