I am in process of installing Baja kit on 450x

I purchased my Baja designs kit for the 450x and am installing it now. I will be street legal within a week.....It is quite interesting taking the bike apart and really understanding how the bike was put together. This is my first dirt bike and I purchased it less that 2 weeks ago. I have 25 miles on it and have hit the turf 3 times now with minor injuries. I am 56 and I figured that I needed to get with the dirt before I got to old. My biggest problem is a sciatic nerve problem in my right leg.

Anyway the old saying goes "Never never quit". I have been on a street bike over 30 years off and on.

I love this bike.

450x :naughty::naughty:

Honda Shadow 750 Spirit

I'm in California too and am wondering how you are going to get a license plate for your bike? have you heard of anybody trying this with any luck since CARB took away that privilege?

Apparently, after Aug 2004, making a green sticker bike street, is no longer an option.

I just bought an 2002 with a baja design dual sport kit, but it was laready licensed and legal for CA.

there are a few guys that say they can help:

click here and go to "Dual Sport Lighting Kit" on

> the top

> http://joeracerproducts.com/


> This guy also knows how to get it done....he's

> currently helping a lot of guys with registering

> 450EXS's...

> http://trickdualsport.com/


Good luck!

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