got any??

Hey..i have a bunch of superstitions..didn't really believe in them before until i put my right boot on first instead of my left...crashed that day and broke my right wrist. Now i stick to em..left boot then right..left glove, right glove and all of the above...what do you guys do??

I always knock on wood after saying something like, I've never broke a bone or had a cavity. I don't walk under ladders either. I wore the same outfit for every game the year Ohio State won the football National Championship.

If you crash, it won't because you put your right glove on first :naughty:

I only have one, and i find that it dominates my "stupid moments" regarding motorcycling:

I will get injured in the place i neglected to wear gear.

Warming the bike up with no boots on? Broken foot. Going to run to the bathroom with no gloves on? rash to the hands. While i defiantly think its silly to pull your full gear on to go take out the trash (when camping for example), i know that if i don't bother to put my kidney belt on during my next ride, i'll be pissing blood for the next week. So what makes this a superstision? I only ever get hurt when i skimp on gear. I've had 60+mph get offs without a scratch while wearing all my protective gear, and 5mph "drops" that resulted in broken bones. Sure you can blame it on "luck", but this fear keeps me wearing my gear. :naughty:

If it works, don't quit, I don't have any though, I do say a prayer at times... :naughty:

I always drop a new helmet. If I don't, I always seem to crash hard the 1st ride with it.

Of course, dunno if crashing is more painful than dropping a new TLD helmet or not...

I dont like it when people tell me to "be careful" when I'm heading out to go riding, last time someone said that I woke up in the hospital and had been there about 40 hours.....

I try to put a little scratch in my new bikes...just to get it over with. If I try to baby it and keep it looking brand-spanking new (afraid to crash and then riding too tense), I just end up eating sh*t in a big way and really messing it up. I just feel so much better once it's already got a scratch in it. :naughty:

I ain't superstitious, when a black cat crosses my paaaaaaath. As sung by Rod stewart in the Jeff Beck Band

I dont like it when people tell me to "be careful" when I'm heading out to go riding,

I'm with ya there, seems like every time somebody says that to me I have a pretty good digger :naughty:


If it works, don't quit, I don't have any though, I do say a prayer at times... :naughty:

Prayer is always a good thing :naughty:


I think if I tried getting on from the other side, I'd probably fall over. sure would feel weird.

I avoid doing "one last run". Whether it be snowboarding, MX or anything risky, it seems like whenever I head out with the intention of squeezing in just one more run, I pile.

Before leaving for work in the morning, I always shake the orange juice container 5 times before removing the lid and taking 5 swallows from the carton... :naughty:

When playing pool, I always make sure the chalk is facing up.

I'm the same way with the last run. I tend to stay away from them, did 8 runs at gore mountain, decided to go for a 9th, let's just say they base movies off of the type of crash I had. Let's just say I was very lucky I was able to get up. Although same thing happened when I was rock climbing down south, One last run, fell 30 ft onto some small rocks and tore a muscle in my back, I didn't feel it right away, but a short time after I realized what had happened, and lets just say that was the worst year ever. I didn't let it slow me down too much, but the problem with a back injury is that it takes forever to heal. You live, you learn, after two nasty falls, whenever one of my friends suggest, hey, wanna go on one last run?, I just laugh and say been there, done that, felt the pain.

Right boot then left, left glove then right. Left arm guard with Velcro strap facing down then right. Right kneebrace lining and kneebrace first then left. Always get on from the shifter side, couldn't get on the other side even if I wanted to,I'm too short.

:naughty: I think some of ya have issues :naughty:

after i do my helmet up i always take the excess slack of the strap and button it up on my fox never go without that buttoned!!

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