crf 70 budweiser graphics

i need budweiser graphics. can i buy them some where or do i have to just put budweiser stickers on the plastics.

never seen any

they used to make bud light graphics for xr50 plastic. But they dont make them anymore and they never made anything for a crf70

can i put 50 plastics on the my 70. my friend told me that he saw someone with a 70 with 50 platsics.

I dont think without a lot of modification

check this out

eBay item 4540591608 (Ends Apr-09-05 13:52:53 PDT) - CRF70 SIZE 110cc Pit Dirt Bike KIDS CRF50 XR50 STYLE!!!

i need budweiser graphics.

:naughty: Not want....NEED.

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