What parts need to be changed out on the drz400S to make it as fast as the E version, and is it worth the money?

FCR, intake, exhaust cam, less restrictive exhaust pipe (aftermarket pipe better)etc..

Cams, piston, base gasket, header pipe, exhaust, CDI and carb... Look at Bronco78's DRZ FAQ at the top of this forum for all the differences. Do a "search forum" for page after page about this topic :naughty:

I think the piston is the :naughty:

I think the piston is the :naughty:

Well, it may be...I was thinkin' it was a high compression piston but I may be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time... :naughty:

Piston is the same. The thinner base gasket gives the E more compression.

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