Pictures of you and your first bike.

I found this picture of my first bike. This is 1982 and that is a 1980 RM 80. My first scooter. Also you can see part of my dog Zeke, He was a redbone hound. I now have a Beagle named Zeke. just seemed like a good name for a hound dog.

I used to ride this bike everyday on our property and up and down Stillwater creek in redding, and out behind Viking wreckers, out by the old Lumberjack before they shut down that riding area.


Am just for the hell of it here is a picture of my dad in 1975? on his maico 490, with the low pipes, full leathers and open face helmet. Notice the hat on the dude in the back, seems like those were back in style a year or two ago.


cool pic i see one of those was on ebay this week, i might get my 1st

resto it and keep it in the living room for a conversation piece :naughty:

Man I have'nt seen one of those RM's since I was a kid ,My friend had one exactly the same 80 model N or T I think it was ... I had a 1980 YZ80H My friend and I used to ride those bikes every where and did so for years ...

Great memories and great times they were ...

Great post I'll keep watching this post thanx :naughty:

cool pics, especially your dad and that guy in the back ground that fell. The only thing disturbing was your avatar. What the hell??? I don't even want to eat lunch....


Here's a few I have owned over the years

RM 250 N

KE 175

RM 125 X

XL 250 R

The XL was in the middle of being restored the engine was being rebuilt at the time this pic was taken.Never got any pics of it finished as it put me in hospital for 2 weeks and was sold because of lack of funds.

If I remember correctly I had a Z50A, XR75, Harley Mini trail bike, DT100, and DT90 prior to this but I don't have any pics of them. This is my 1978 MR175 in 1980. I was 13.



My first


My second


I dont have any pics of me and my bikes prior to 84 when our house burned down on Xmas eve. ( and those are at my mom's.) We were at my grandparents when we got the call xmas day. I'll have to see what I can dig up. :naughty:

cool thread :naughty:

My first


My second


I bet you wish you still had those.

Yes I do.

A Hodaka Ace 100 in the late 60's and 1970 250 Bultaco Pursang. Wouldn't they be fun in in the vintage races? :naughty:

During the early days I also had a 1973 & 1976 250 Bultaco Pursang, a 1972 Hodaka 125 and finally a 1973 175 Bultaco Pursang that my ex raced. Raced all in D-37 Desert and local SoCal MX.

Wish I still had all of those. :naughty:

This was my 79 YZ 80F that I got back in 2001. Wish I still had it :naughty:



i'm only 16 so my 1st bike isnt very old. but it was a 95' Z50. ill try 2 find a picture of it :naughty:

My first bike: 1984 Yamaha YZ125

Picture was taken in 1985... :naughty:


KTM200 exc... :naughty:


KTM200 exc... :naughty:


...Now that was an awsome pic!!:naughty::D

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