Do you think Honda should make a 125 4 stroke?

Do you? :naughty:

WHY? They have a 150.

Yes they should make a CRF125R and the AMA should alow 500 4 strokes in the 250 class that way when the 2 strokes are gone they still have a 125, 250 and 500 class.

they did.. the XL125 S and R models. never made XR versions but the type R versions were pro-linked.

Id like to have a 125 engine that shared the CRF450s design. and even better with digital engine management system. a dual inlet and exhaust tracks would be a plus too.

I have heard that Loretta Lynns and Lake Whitney won't allow 250 four-strokes to run in the 125 amateur classes because it gives the people that can afford to maintain a 250f an unfair advantage.

Honda may be a little gun-shy to release a 125/150 four-stroke for the 85 class if they have to deal with rules like that.

Heck, the manufacturers may wait until 2-strokes are OUTLAWED before they build hot, small four-strokes. :naughty:


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