YZ426 Engine Assembly Problem???

I'm wondering if I have a problem here. I'm doing a complete (crank, piston, valves, cam etc) rebuild on my '00426 and I'm getting ready to put the clutch together and I noticed an extra part that I couldn't initially identify.

I finally found it in the manual and it's called a collar. The manual shows in being installed over the countershaft output shaft. Does this collar go over the shaft just prior to installing the countershaft sprocket? The manual appears to show this but I'm worried that I forgot to install it in the gearbox (heaven forbid).

Thoughts?? I REALLY don't want to have to split the cases again. Everything seems to be working inside but that doesn't mean anything. :naughty:




That looks like the spacer for the sprocket. That keeps the sprocket from rubbing the seal and the case. Its definatly not from the tranny. Just put it in like you have it in the picture. :naughty:

After posting the message I checked some more and tried to put the countershaft sprocket on. The sprocket will go on but there is no room left for the splined lock washer to go on. This tells me the "collar" is not going on far enough for some reason.

I tried putting the sprocket on both ways but I can tell from the bend in the sprocket teeth which way it was on (yes, I know, I need a new sprocket). I have a new sprocket. :naughty:

I dunno, but from looking at those little half circles on the ege of the collar it looks like it interlocks with some other part. :naughty:

those little half circles are the same shape as what's on the back of the clutch basket also.

Hy, this collar is not from the transmission and you can install it when you install the sprocket. This little half circles doesn´t interlock with some other part because behind the sealing is the bearing. They are for the oil, which comes trough the bearing and necessary for the outer sealing. This collar is only for the distance and it is much cheaper to change the collar than the shaft when you get marks from the sealing and loosing oil. On the inside of the collar is a O-ring. Maybe you have problems with the sealing lips to push the collar complete in. Put some oil on the collar, check if nothing is behind the sealing and push it in, then it should be OK. Finally assemble the sprocket and ready for fight.


Thanks Martin.

I took your advice and found the collar was hanging up on the 'O' ring on the output shaft. I "confinced it in" with a socket and hammer and it seems ok. I replaced all the "O" rings with new ones and they are a little tighter than what I took off.

Thanks again.

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