rm100/ four stroke conversion. anybody got insight?

I can get a new 03 rm100 for $2600, and i got a 02 xr200 thats my girls. She needs something better, but she's just too short(Biggest niche market out there) Soo can a xr200 engine go in there without too many frame mods, custom exhaust, etc, etc. Shes too big to do a cr85 conversion, but if that was the best we could do, than we might go that route.

have you looked into the DRZ110 or 125? That little 110 has got some power and low seat

How old /tall is she?

she's 25, and 5'2". She's a pretty good rider. She's had the ttr125l, not fast enough, now she's got an xr200. Good power for her, but the suspension sucks, and its 250lbs. So were thinking:

Rm100/xr200 the 100 looks perfect for her

cr85e/xr200 the 85 is just a little too small, but it could work.

rmz250 lowered a mile Too much bike for her, i think

drz250 Is it any better than the xr200?

She's kinda stuck between weight, power, suspension, size' Which way would you go?

Boy, never heard of a 250lbs XR200R..............??? Better check your scales!

Do some work on the suspension. Progressive fork springs in front and a old style shock in the back, with a little extra droop to keep seat height the same.

Old School Al

i believe the xr200 02' weighs in at 230 pounds dry.Add fluids and youre 250, add a baja designs kit, and a small bag, youre 250+. If i mod the suspension on it, it would work better, but im trying to lose some weight, and get a little more "Modern" bike for her.

CRF250X lowered???? I had a RMZ and the kick start and no flywheel weight was an issue on trail riding.

And sorry I misunderstood the origional I thought we were talking kids. Not that 25 is old........I will shut up now

I had a buddy Tom Wilson did many a weird project bike for both Gary and myself in racing. There is a lot of stuff involved. It also can be quite expensive. I'd talk to someone who has done lots of conversions before putting a fortune into a project that you will eind up giving away because they lose all value once you do it. prairiedawg :naughty:

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