New Bars

After almost a year I finally replace my bent up stock bars. I got the protaper adapters, and the renthal fatbars. It feels so great. I can stand up now and ride. With the stock bars, when I stood up I had to lean over pretty far. Not anymore. I'm going to try then out tomorrow at Deer Springs Road in San DiIego. Anyone want to go? I have an 04 E and the only problem I have is the ignition bracket, where you put the key, holes dont line up, and wouldn't work with the bolts anyways. I pulled out the bright light indicator, because that didn't fit either. Should I just drill and tap some small holes in the adapter for my ignition, or is there an easier way?

Hey Weeeee, I went with the same set up, only used the Tag adapters. The top clamp was recessed so the ignition wouldn't bolt back up. I bent the ignition bracket 90 degrees and bolted it to the front of the triple clamp using the holes for the harness clamp. the key is just lower in the same position as stock. My bike is the S, so I dont know if you have the same holes up front or not. :naughty: There's a pic in my garage. Good luck

Weeeeee - I have the same bike, adapters and bars. They were already on the bike when I bought it but the prev. owner just used one bolt for the ignition mount. When I first looked at it I thought it was hack, but it seems to work just fine with the one bolt. I think it's the front left bolt that's used but I'm not sure what kind of bolt it is. I could take a pic and post it if you want.

Did you have to change brake lines or anything? Yeah definitely post that pic so we can see how it's done.

I tried Dual Dogs idea, and it worked great. Unplugged the ignition, bent the bracket, bolted it in, done in less than ten minutes. Then I started messing with my broken Baja Designs control switch. The switch part broke off, so the light was always on when the key was on. But at least it worked, until I pulled it apart. :naughty: Time for a trip up to Baja Designs.

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