Honda XR 500 82/83 similarities?

The saga continues, got the airbox boot for my 82 XR 500R thanks MontanaWRF250!

I just had a brainwave - does anybody know if the 82 airfilter is the same as the 83/84? Unifilter and K+N still make filters for the 83, but not for the 82. Might be interchangeable.

The air filter cages are a different design for 81-82 than the 83-84 ones. I purchased a piece of UNI filter foam, and made my own, to fit around the air filter cage of my '82 XR250R. If you go to , and register (it's free), you will then have access to microfiche parts pictures of your bike, and can compare the air filter to the '83.

The main reason for the design change may be due to the fact that the '83-'84 models are twin-carbed.

Thanks, you just gave me another idea: try and find a filter for a 250!

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