Coil on plug mod

Completed this mod, looks awesome! Runs perfect! Allows access to the BK mod and the rear spring for adjusting. Cleans up the bike nicely. I scored a set of Hayabusa coils WITH the elusive plugs. I have the extra coils with the plugs if any one is interested PM me.

How much for a coil and plug? I have the Mike Dean setup right now and it's a little bulky and actually the tank hits it when it's all buttoned up. Let me know :naughty:

Hy, can you post pictures and what are the elusive plugs.

Thanks Martin

So does this actually change the performance at all? Or just move the coil from the stock frame mount?



Allows you to remove the bulky coil and brackets that hold it. No performance gains. If you've done the BK mod it allows access to the bolt for adjusting and to your spring for adjusting. Also makes jetting easier due to more open space. Just really cleans things up around the carb area. Took me about 30 min to do. Here is a link to pics:

The white plug is what is hard to come by. Most salvage yards don't want to part with them without selling the entire harness. I have two extra's $45 shipped to you.

Guess I should have been clear on this before I posted. $45 includes shipping to U.S. only, International will add a little to the price. Sorry

Just a thought but has anyone who has done this mod tried to mount the rear brake resivior on one of the coil mounts just like the 2 strokers did back then??? It would be nice to get that thing out of the way as I cant afford the 03 master.

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