Specialty Dealers for 02 YZF's

Having ridden an XR400R for the past three years, I'm done with the heavy weight and poor suspension. I tend to like smaller bikes anyway, so I'm looking for a YZF or WR 250. Problem is I live in California.

Anyone know of any specialty dealers that sell new or almost new older bikes like 02's that would be green sticker legal? With the green sticker laws grandfathering in the 02's and earlier ... I thought maybe a company out there might have stockpiled a few to sell at a premium.

As a side note, will the WR250 be green sticker for sure in '06? When are those usually released?


Couple of notes to help hassles at the DMV :D:D

ANY 2002 or earlier bike CAN be green stickered. Get the info off the CA DMV web site and take it with you. As in print the G.D. PAGE :D They tried to give me a Red Sticker so I brought the info in and they still refused until they called Sacramento.

If you get a bike from out of state ask if it is registered! It can be a hassle if the bike is from a non-register State (like NC :p ) A "State of Origin" will do if it isn't registered but who the hell knows what that is :naughty::D

Any out of State bike will have to be inspected by the DMV and CHP.

My bike was from NC and it was a hassle but I got it done :D:p

I bought my bike off eBay and got an excellent price, just under $2900 total including $300 shipping.

Good luck :D:naughty::D:cry:

So you think eBay is the best option?

I was hoping that some company out there might cater to the California rider looking for a super clean '02 model that is Green Sticker legal. Almost like a BBR type company, but these days, instead of a fully custom four stroke, all I really want is a light weight - good handling play bike. A green sticker 02 YZF250 would fit the bill perfectly. The only reason I bought the XR in the first place was because at the time there were very limited options for green sticker bikes.

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