Hot Cam For Xr250?

Have Any Of You Guys Put A Hot Cam In? Is The Power Gain Worth The $162.00. ('04 Xr250 Full Gordon Mods With Wb E Series Pipe Free Flow Filter) Iwould Appreciate Any Imput.

Quote: Ohhhhh, Crap!!!!

Thanks Mar.

i have one on my xr250

a descent mod in my opinion, power gain is about 10%,

the outcome , is the carb hesitation is gone, and motor is more responsive.

you can buy from hotcamsinc online or go through a dealer, or on ebay they show up from time to time


Thanks For All The Info. Guys. Ya'll Should Come Down And Check Out The Hatfield/mccoy Trail Sometime. Pretty Good Riding Once You Get Off The Beaten Path.

I put in a Hotcam along with a 77mm piston and headwork so I don't know how much difference the cam alone made (overall difference was huge). I did notice two benefits to the cam unrelated to power. The bike starts much easier with the auto decompressor gone and the tick noise associated with the auto decompressor is also gone. The cam does seem to work very well from off idle all the way past the point I'm willing to rev my bike.

I just put in stage 1 Hotcam in my 01' XR250. Other than the Gordon mod's my bike has a Edelbrock carb. I haven't been able to test out the power difference past 1/2 throttle. Just playing around, the motor seems to have more snap. Which is just what I was looking for.

What I'm really happy with is no more ticking noise from the auto decompressor. :naughty: I haven't even looked at my old cam since taking it out to understand why the auto decompressor made it sound like I was running excessive valve clearences. I haven't even tried to understand how it worked either.

Last night I was fooling around in my backyard, the front wheel does comes up much easier than it did with the stock cam.

Is it worth the money? I won't be able to report back on that for a couple of weeks.

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