Backfire screen removal/jetting

I have an 05 kx250f that i have removed the backfire screen from.(Done correctly).It seems to run fine.No lean symptoms.Anyone have any advice?Do i need to jet or move the needle? I ride between 500 ft t0 2200 ft elevation depending on tracks.Anyone have any other input about this subject? :naughty:

well i have removed lots of those screens on the green and yellow thumpers and with our junk fuel in az here , they run just fine.

now i have had to do some fuel screw adjusting and or larger pilot jet work to get the decelorating pop out of some of them .

Thanks klstr.Thats about the size of it i think.I ran it at Glenn Helen this morning and while it ran just fine, i have to admit i didnt really notice any improvement?Oh well.

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