02 valve trouble...

This is my first thumper(just got it three months ago) and when I checked the clearences they were all spot on. Now the exhaust is at .011 and right intake is at .006 and left intake seems to be dead. I followed the directions in the 250f forum to the t. Now heres the part that doesnt seem to make much sense to me is that the bike always fires on the second kick hot or cold. I dont know if I just did the check wrong but I doubt it. The bike has about 45 to 50 hours and that is all trail riding. I stumped I donot really want to take it to the dealer they want 175 to just check them. any help is appreciated and sorry for the long confusing post.

kyle g

Sounds like your intake valves need to be replaced, I am on my third set of intake valves on my 03 crf450. You should be able to change them yourself its not hard to do all you need is a valve spring compressor and basice tools.

I don't mind having to Chang my intake valves every year the valves themself are cheap, plus it gives you a chance to look at every thing els like the piston and cylinder. I also recommend going with a stiffer valve spring kit like the one from R/D springs or the Kimble white stainless steal valve and spring kit. I personally have the R/D spring kit with stock honda valves, I noticed the stock valve did last longer with the stiffer spring kit. Plus with the stiffer spring kit your bike will be able to rev higher without valve fluter before hitting the rev limiter. :naughty:

just curious how much does eric gorr charge to put kibblewhite valves and springs in the head?

also how much for rhc to do the work?

kyle g

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