Ever just have a bad riding day ?

Ok...went riding about a week ago...had a great time...I was really thinking i was improving a lot (only been riding about a year). Takin' some little hits, even managed to bottom out the suspension once.

Then, yesterday, I went riding and i rode like crap. I felt like i was gonna slide out around every sharp turn, almost lost it a couple times(still had fun :naughty: ). The whole day just felt off, saw 2 car accidents on the way to ride, saw a dog almost get hit by a car...i dunno.....the day was just off. .(scary music)

anyone else just have days where you ride like shit ?

one day felt off but not too bad. wasnt really feelin safe on a double i had done before. first some kid on a 80 rolled it and i noticed and slammed the brakes..no big deal. come around next lap to do it and hit the jump to a corner right before it a little wrong but decide to just go for the double. end up in a whip type thing in the air and land that way, got slammed off the bike in a highside, then the bike fell on me and kept cartwheeling past. i was ok i guess. my hand felt shattered, rock cut my hip pretty bad and my heel hurt for a few weeks. also had a few bumps and bruises. the bike was not bad but still not good...bent radiator (mostly just the mounts) ,smashed side panel,cracked front fender, destroyed rear fender, clutch lever snapped completely, and maybe a few other things. this pick isnt great but you can see some stuff. weird part is i came down on the right, but most damage is on the left. http://community.webshots.com/photo/237772213/237775524VKfqaO

Yup, you'll hear it echoed in replies, just don't push it too hard when you feel like that... or your day will get worse...

The title made me think of likely my worst day - drove 2+ hours, rode 20 minutes at a place me and my 2 friends had never been. Master link snapped and it was a odd size from normal. Towed my bike to a small clearing/fire road.

The 2 guys who knew the place said they'd go on a short loop, check in with me and then go back to the truck.

They did check in, did another loop on way back to truck. They then said CYA to my friends who had no clue how to get back to where I was - in my 2 wheel drive S-10! At 4pm I started pushing my bike. 4:30 another rider came across me and I hitched a ride back to the staging area. 5:00 we go back to my bike and a few minutes later my friends come roaring up the road. If I hadn't pushed my bike a couple miles (felt like anyway) they'd have never found me.

That was a bad day. I actually managed to take a nap from about 12:00-1:00 by laying on my seat and head on the handlebars!

Another bad day involved the same area, my friends (who were faster and more aggresive) wanted me in the lead for some reason. I was pushing it, went off a small jump, but had to slam the brakes to make a sharp turn downhill. My friend, following too closely, went off trail, ditched the bike as it was headed for a pine tree with low dead branches - popped the gas tank.

I'm supposed to be at work by 1, can't get a hold of a replacement. My friend says he'll keep calling while trying to find a replacement gas tank.

We go on a loop and get back, he says that he "left a message saying that you're real sick and we had to take you to the hospital" GENIOUS! :D:cry::naughty:

Damage already done, we kept riding while he went for a replacement tank.

Other friend is zipping around a corner riding a CR500 in the woods, goes into a small dry mudhole that pops him back in the seat and WHISKYTHROTTLE! right into a manzanita bush. Thinks he broke his collar bone :naughty:

Make it back to the truck and I load both bikes by myself (I only weighed ~120lbs) no ramp.

Head out to meet my friend coming the other way with a OVERPRICED gas tank. Bummer

Go to the hospital with friend, go home to find out that my dad tells me that work called to see how I was doing - he said "Sick? He's dirtbiking!" :D

Fortunately those have been my worst days.

Except driving to Stonyford last weekend and having my transmission go out in my Chevy IN STONYFORD. One car dolly from Yuba City later (friends are GOOD :D ) and we arrive home at 11:00 pm after driving 2+ hours to get there to ride 2 1/2 hours in the rain...

But hey, any day riding is good!

I went riding on my second motox of the season on my brand new RM-Z250 won all the races (to my surprise) last race jumped the tabletop over the finish hit a knee deep hole got all crossed up couldn't pull her back drove into a ditch went flyin over the bars landing flat on my back on a KX250 my bike was fine which says somethin but i broke my leg so im out for a while

Yep. My day was last Sunday. I've been back behind the wheel (bars) since September now, after being off the bike for almost twenty years. Since I've started back riding, I've had days where I've felt really good and made gains in ability and confidence. On the flip side, I've had days when I've felt like a total spode, Sunday was a prime example. If nothing else, I guess I've gotten wiser with age (42) because on days like that you're only asking to get hurt. You've got to accept your limitations when you're confidence is in the pits.

To top it off, it had been raining for three days prior and the track was littered with deep ruts. All of my "old spode" buddies were stepping-it-up and doing most of the doubles on the track. While I knew I possessed the ability to do the same, I knew that I was far from my comfort zone that day and decided that discretion was the better part of valor. In my younger days (70's, 80's), I was a pretty good "B" class mx racer, so it kills my pride to go out and just ride around while my buddies are "attacking" the track.

But alas, I've got two mouths to feed and a mortgage to be paid so I don't need to be on the I.R. list. My riding usually goes in cycles, meaning, that after a "spode day" I usually start back riding decent again. We'll see this weekend.

Since I have only been trail riding this season, I have had none of these type days. I am beginning to wonder if that doesn't tell me something.... :naughty:

Yes, now I have six screws, and a metal plate in my hand!

I'll tell you about a bad day of riding...

We got a late start and headed to Clinton Missouri to do some riding at Deepwater.

My bike was running like crap all day and the Missouri stank mud was kicking my arse all day.

Well at close to dark on our last ride of the day (deep in the trails) My bike died and wouldn't start again. Pops rode out to go get some tow chains and some flashlights. It was pitch black when dad came back. I could hear him coming down the trail and he would have to stop and scream to me and I would scream back, thats how we found each other.

Well we started to ride out (about 10:15PM by now) towing my bike and dad's bike blew a top rad hose. so we decided that we would ditch my bike and double up on his. His bike just wasn't having two herky dudes on it while it was overheating.

We decided that he would ride out and I would walk out and he would meet me halfway with the truck (because we both knew where we were)


I started walking along a trail (bear in mind, the trails at deep water change all the time and you can get lost in the daytime there) I came to a section that should have had a fence on it, but, it actually had a lake shore on it.

So long story short, I walked for 7 hours and ended up having a sherrif on a quad find me.

That whole day was one big ball of suck!

Yeah I know the feeling. One day you're feeling one-with-the-bike, riding faster than ever and flying over everything like you're Malcom Smith in the movie On Any Sunday, and the next day you're falling off in the easy stuff. On those "off" days I'm usually fatigued, can't focus or I just someone get hauled off in an ambulance - or all of the above.

I think "off" days are part of any sport. Tennis, Golf, Baseball you name it.

I'll tell you about a bad day, March 12th. I was riding at a track, the track was roughed up. I rode the turns and straights like a champ. The jumps were giving me fits all day, under jumping, over jumping, I just couldn't get it dialed from lap to lap. One lap felt great the next I was on the edge. I decided to sit out a practice session and have lunch, and rest up. I felt great the next session and cleared a backside double with ease! Second lap BOOM, WHACK and SPLAT, shorted the double, ass over end landed hard. Long story short, 1 week in the Hospital, 15 pins in my right ankle, 2 plates, open (never let them remove your boot until the sterile environment of the Ambulance gets there!, I probably would have bled to death), fracture of my left wrist. On a walker, bored out of my mind, and counting the days until at least 1 cast comes off.

I didn't mean this to be a downer, but the moral of the story, when it doesn't feel right, go slow, don't push it, don't try anything new, and stay SAFE. It is not worth "pushing it", there is so little to gain and so much to loose!!. I'm a hard worker, I needed some "time off" but this sucks!!!

Some days you have it, some days you don't. Some days you have it and it ends in disaster. 1998, feeling great, going all out, slide out, off a cliff and break my arm. Who would have thought on a day when your rhythm is great.

May 2004. Great ride, feeling over confident, blitzing up a hill way to fast, top out on hill have only a few feet to make a 90 right turn, slide out, rupture the ACL in my knee. Just had the surgery 3 weeks ago.

Goes to show . On a bad day take it easy, on a good day, you still have to be carefull. I am a perfect example of good/great days gone bad.


4 sure..mine was dec.21 2004. I went to ride at an indoor track thats about an hour from my house. Got there unloaded in the 10 degree weather and kicked for a good 10 min to get my bike started. THen half way through the first lap my rear tire went flat. i had patched it a month before and the cold weather must have messed it up. pulled it apart and repatched it. rode for an hour and crashed trying to triple through the rythem section. smashed my knee all to shit and broke my right wrist(didn't know it at the time). After fighting through the pain to get my bike loaded, when i got back in to the truck and turned on the lights the dashboard went dark...blown fuse...stumbled around for half and hour and found a short in the left rear light on the trailer..fixed it drove the hour home..drank some beer and went to sleep..two days later went to the hospital and found out that my wrist was broke...worst day of riding ever.

Just tell yourself you are having a bad day and don't push to hard and kill yourself.

Bad days come and go, but injuries last a long time :naughty:

well, i guess it's not just me then. thankx for all the replies.

oh, and to the guy who was riding three weeks after acl surgery....you're nuts man ! :naughty:

well, i guess it's not just me then. thankx for all the replies.

oh, and to the guy who was riding three weeks after acl surgery....you're nuts man ! :naughty:

Just had the ACL surgery. No riding for many months. Accident in May last year, just fixed in 3 weeks ago.


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh.........i get it :naughty:

i know some guys that are nuts like that, so i just figured...why not...

well, hope your knee heals up good and strong..(and quick)

that's just part of riding...

Was riding on Nov. 11th 2004. Felt great in the woods but the track just felt wrong. Came out of a corner and planted my foot wrong and still can't ride. ACL was replaced in Dec.

I went for a trail ride one time on a 98 degree, more humidity than being in a sauna type day and like an idiot, did not keep up on my fluid intake. I got dehydrated on the trail. By the time I got back to the staging area, I was no longer sweating, and every muscle in my body began to violently cramp. I had never been so miserable in my life. I thought I was going to croak and I was probably close to doing just that. Sucked big time!!!

yes, but IMO even the worst days on the trail are better than the best days at work :naughty:

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