New Guy

Hey all, thought I would say hi and introduce myself. I am a former BRP owner, and am now jonesing to get another one! :naughty:

In late 2001 I bought a 2000 model with the BD kit and a street plate from a guy in Oregon, had some of the most fun on that bike...about a year later I wanted a tard so I converted my XR, and after awhile I kinda got bored with it and decided to sell it. Well last year, I wanted another and found a cheap 2k model but it was all stock and no plate so I just wasnt that enthused, I was also doing a lot of track days on my RS and RC51 so it never got ridden and then I sold it last December for about what I paid for it.

Well spring is here and I have memories of riding in the mountains of Northern Cal and how it was some of the best times I have ever had on two wheels so I am searching for another *plated* XR. Surprised to see there are a number up for sale but I have my eye on a clean 01 and the price is right. So hopefully if things all work out I will have another BRP in the next few weeks and can start the mods and setup and spend the summer in the Sierras :D

I would also like to meet others who live in the same general area (Chico/Paradise/Oroville/RedBluff who would like to ride and turn me on to some new places, I only have one friend with an old XL500 and he doesnt get out that much anymore.

Well thats it, just wanted to say hi, and let you all know that after a fair amount of lurking it seems there is really a good group of people here, unlike some of the moto boards I frequent :D:naughty:

-Glenn (August)

Hey Glenn,

Welcome! Sounds like you just can't shake the BRP bug.

Welcome to TT, Hope ya get that BRP and ride, They are a blast.... :naughty:

Keep us in tune, As you make your mods, Lots of info here at TT and great prices in there store...... :naughty:

Welcome man, this is a great site for info and ideas. I am in So CA near the Mexico border...and would be nice to find some riding buddies here as well.

I had a CBR900rr for 6yrs so all my riding friends are a bit too fast for me to keep up with on a

But I have found some great trails and hills to play in at the local mountains and ocassional "road closed" areas :naughty:

Hope you get a nice bike and have fun in dem hills.

My bikes an 03 XR650L I am currently uncorking and modding. Has round 1200mi and is hella fun to ride and wheelie...


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