93 XR650L seat covers

Does anyone know of aftermarket seat covers that will fit a 1993 XR650L. Is the seat on this bike the same size as any of the newer XR's, or maybe older XR600's. All part dealers have told me my only choice is to order a factory seat cover. Its a bad color and to expensive.

Thumper Racing has just about any color you want.

Thumper Racing

check out mine in the garage section its made by guts racing easy fit got it at thumper racing

The XR600R covers fit the XR650L just fine. I have an all black CEET gripper one on my XR650L.

CEET carries the XR 600 which fits the XR 650L They have instock black,

blue, red. or gripper. 619 598 1077

Thanks for the information, I just ordered a seat cover from Ceet, for the XR600 88 - 00.

Just for everyones info, I received my seat cover from CEET for the XR600's. I tried to put it on myself, but couldn't get it fit right. So I took it to a upholstery professional who does bike seats everyday. He informed me that this seat cover was the wrong fit. He cut, heated with a torch, stretched and glued it for me. So if you have a 1993 XR650L I would not recommend a Ceet seat cover that fits the XR600's.

Sorry for all your problems that you having with XR 650 seat cover. our sister

company-- CUSTOM CEET--is set up to do one off's.If you would send them your seat

they will remake your seat at no charge to you. It will look factory. They will need it for 2 days. Call 7605185400

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