CR 80 Fork conversion question


I've been checking out this site for some time as it is a great source for info. My question is: I'm thinking about converting my front end to that off a '96 or later CR80. Do both the regular and big wheel models use the same forks? Do those who know recommend using the complete front end from a big wheel model or can I use the forks from the small wheel model and use my front wheel and rotor with it.


Hey, welcome to TT :naughty: Not sure if there is a difference between the small and big wheeled CR80/85. I do know the forks will not bolt right up, you have to do some modifications to the stem, brake mount, etc. to make it work. Try the search feature, this topic has been covered before.

Cheers, :naughty:

The small wheel and bigwheel fork are the same :naughty:

The small and big wheel are exactly the same, the small whell forks are just shoved up in the tube farther. But yes u have to do some work to them. I had my stem pressed out and the hole drilled 1/4th of an inch up and the stem pressed up 1/4th of an inch farther and that way it would work on my frame, i also had a set screw in to keep it in place.

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