getting kicked forward, what to do?

there is this little jump at a local track and it seems that most of the times i hit it i get bucked forward. How should I approach the jump and how should my body be positioned? new to the whole track thing, used to just desert. :naughty:

Hey try to take a different line on it that one could have a kicker in it they can be nasty walk the track and scope your lines before you ride

Jumps with take of ramps shorter than the bikes wheel base tend to kick the rear end up because the front wheel iss off the ramp as the rear wheel is travelling up the face of the jump. This rotates the bike, the only way to counter that rotational force is to apply throttle to rotate the bike the other way. The steeper the face and more it kicks, the more throttle needed. You can also throw your ass back to counter this.

Don't chop the throttle coming off the face, keep on the gas a bit longer.

thanks ill try that tomorrow

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