400EXC or 450exc

Well, I've read lot's & it looks like the 400 for me. 40 yrs old & been riding only 2 years, about 230 lbs, ride woods 97% of time, might do some more enduros. I like being the guy that makes thru the technical stuff more than winning the drag race.

Talk me out of it or is the 450 the right choice?



I weigh ~215 lbs. and ride at 4000'-12,000' elevation and I love my 400! Plenty of power *for me*. However, I'm no racer, I'm just a 50+ year old guy riding for fun and scenery. Seems like a lot of guys with 400's are happy with their machines. :naughty:

Talk me out of it or is the 450 the right choice?

No way am I going to try to talk you out of it. Sounds like you've made the perfect choice.

I've tried 'em both and it all depends on where you ride and how you like to ride. If you like woods riding but like to go at low rpm with a lot of throttle control the 450 is the best choice, if you like to keep a higher rpm and a more precise turning your choice is a 400. Nobody is going to agree on this issue because everybody rides differently. I'm 21, 185 lbs, AAA rider, and I have a 450 because it suits my riding style the best, but a ALSO LOVE the exc 200.

Had '01 400EXC and loved it. Very easy to ride and had enough power to have fun on. Got '03 450EXC and feels even better. More snap and power throughout the range. Still very easy to handle [even for a 53 yr. old C level rider]. It would be hard to go back, especially for dualsport.

Thanks for all the replies!

Were you guys able to get the shop to let you test ride one or did you have to find someone that would let you ride theirs?

I think I need to ride before I can decide.

Thanks! :naughty:

Come on down to Dales place, Trickdualsport. He's letting anyone that shows up take my 04 four-fiddy out and flog it. :naughty:

hello I'm 250 lb and i had the 450 exc sold it and went to the 525 exc and i like it a lot more. i ride trails and hill climbs so id go for the 525 power on tap

Im thinking of up-grading from a XR250R to a KTM400EXC do you think this would be a wise step-Im 31 5-10 185 C-class rider really just ride to putt and ride jeep-type roads/trails. No racing not really into the speed or jumping

You'll love it: same weight, better handling and suspension, plus a lot more power. The 400's have a very smooth and easy to ride power curve. I'm 53 5-11 175 c-class rider ride trails and enduros. No racing or jumping. Also big increase in staus and confidence.

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