Factory Dualsport or Kit?

Choices! Factory 400exc DS $7000. Regular 400exc is $6400. Is the factory DS worth $600 more or is it better to get a kit & do it yourself?



Check with Cycle Zone in Topeka, KS. I got my factory DS kit there a couple of years ago, and I think I paid about $350 or so. The install is very easy too.

BTW; - The factory DS kit has been very durable & reliable. It's been through much, including a few enduros and it all works just like the day I installed it. Quality stuff from KTM. Plus, it looks like it belongs on the bike, as opposed to some of the quick slap-on DS kits out there.

Check with Cycle Zone in Topeka, KS. I got my factory DS kit there a couple of years ago, and I think I paid about $350 or so. The install is very easy too.
The kit is now @$435. With the dollar v. euro on the parts he has to get imported the price is up.

Trick duel sport in cal. has the best duelsport kit

It isn't that bad a deal if he installs the whole thing and gets it titled & plated and offers insurance before it leaves the shop. Saves a lot of time getting it out on the road. Here in Texas we have to get paperwork, approved inspection, insurance and then wait for a plate if it doesn't come from a dealer. Did my own on 450EXC and 625 SXC using minimum basic available parts [converted to intent of law if not to actual legality]. Cost less than $75 but took a lot of time and effort.

I've done my own in the past, but I got my latest bike with the Factory Dual-Sport Kit (FDSK) on it... I only paid a couple hundred dollars more to get a bike with the FDSK, and I'd do it again.

The components on the FDSK, are of higher quality than the parts in the Baja Designs kit, and the installation is cleaner. For a bike that's going to be used on the street on a regular basis, I think the FDSK is the way to go because it works like any other street bike that I have.

If you're just looking for minimum comliance to get plated and be legal from trail to trail, then I think an all-in-one kit like Trick or Electrex would be an option as well.


Just recently put a "TRICK DUAL SPORT" kit on my KTM 250 EXC/RFS. Easy installation, looks great, easy to ask for and get quick support replies. No regrets.

I just put a trick dualsport kit on 05 450 exc along with a fold down mirror and rear micro turn signals and a license plate holder from Enduro Engineering. I will tell you that you will not get the service that Dale from Trick dualsport gives to every customer, It is unbelievable. He called me 10 minutes after I wrote him an e-mail to answer my question (I live in Michigan and Dale in California). The kit looks great, works great. My choice of rear turn signals is much smaller than KTM signals and very bright when they are on and the fronts are built right in the headlight mask. I also debated about what to do and I am not sorry I went this route.

Baja Designs in San Marcos, California sells a quality kit. I like to buy a kit that allows me to decide which signals I want to use. For example: I used "mini flush" on the rear. They are not large enough to hit the ground if I drop the bike yet bright enough for Jonny Law if he is in a good mood. Baja Designs stands behind the product too.

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