questions about a 03 CRf 450

i just got a 03 crf 450 low hours so its pretty new and i was wonderin how many miles will a tank of gas go millages wise and if i should put a fatter jet in it so it doesnt run so lean and a question about different gearin for the desert

40-50 miles depending on how you ride it. Its not too lean on the main jet, but Id bet its too rich on the pilot if its stock. It'll pull 14-48 gearing for the desert, but you'll have a trade off in the tighter sections. The 03 CRF is probably the most verstile of the CRF's because of the direction they went with the camshaft, flywheel wieght and compression ratio all being not too drastic to one end or the other.

Just change the oil and clean the air filter every five hours and you'll have a blast...

Get a Clarke 3.3 gallon tank for the 03 and you can go 100 miles easily on a tank. It fits great and looks great.

I went to 13/48 gearing and it works better for me than the stock set-up. I'm thinking about going 13/46 just for kicks to see what that does, I'll let you know.

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