Australian Riders

Anyone who rides in Australia, particularly in South East Queensland, and wants to join my MSN community site is welcome to...

basically the site is just aimed at more info on where to ride and piccies of local trails etc... :naughty:

Cathcyas there :naughty:


I am in NSW but all the riders here seem to be from WA.

Where abouts in NSW are you mate? Have u riden at Emu Creek Extreme Park west of Lismore?


I am trying to find a few South East Queensland or Northern NSW riders to do some local rides. I'd like to find a couple of people interested in heading west and exploring the edge of our deserts and out to Birdsville and Camerons corner. I'm 44 and competent on road and dirt bikes. 2 years as a bike mechanic. Not willing to take too many risks, but looking for some adventure. I have a highly modified 2007 DR650 that has been across a few deserts with the previous owner. Let me know if this sounds like your interests.

i live near brisbane

Border country, Casino/Kyogle.

having heaps of issues here with cowboys tearing the place u and annoying locals, got an action group that is protrailrider underway and the local council is going to help get some plans to give evryone boundaries so the complainers can only complain when it is something to complain about.

Bruce Cee


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