What position do you run your bars at: +3mm or -3mm?

I was tinkering with the bike last night, and realized that you can turn the stock clamp posts around to change the handlebar offset. Mine came in the forward +3mm position. Sometimes it seems like I am reaching a bit for the bars on the track, and it feels akward to get far back on the bike. I am a 5'10", novice MX rider. Well, I switched the offset to the -3mm position (moves the bars back 6mm) last night but haven't ridden yet. I was wondering if anyone else my size prefers the bars in the rear position...

Went with fat bars, about your same size run mine on the + side. I think it's in my head but it helps me keep forward when needed.. Just got used to this pos. through the years. :naughty:

20mm forward and 25mm up...(made my own perches)

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