sticker residue

What do you guys use to remove sticker residue easily? thanks

Pledge works great for me.

I've got an old can of golf grip solvent (basically orange scented paint thinner) which works wonders ... and smells good too! Funny, if there's any type of stain/residue anywhere in our house, my wife or I immediately turn to the ol' trusty golf grip solvent. Of course, I've long given up the game of golf ... who wants to be chasing a little white ball all over the place when you can be sailing over a 70' table top? :naughty:

WD-40 works and I have had good luck with rubbing alcohol. Also in a pinch gasoline will work.

I would be careful with solvents as they may soften plastic.

Jason, Tucci has some orange spray stuff that is for removing wax off skies that works great.

Lighter fluid is the best - hands down. I've tried most everything else.

WD-40 spary let it sit 3 or 4 minutes and wipe off.

I second the lighter fluid. Its expensive though. I have used some stuff called goo-gone that works almost as good.

Contact/brake cleaner....................

I bought some stuff called Goo Gone at Sears. It easily removes any kind of adhesive that I've thrown at it. It also does well with bubble gum stuck in an 8 year-old's hair :naughty: .

I use Bumper Sticker remover comes in a spray can, guaranteed not to hurt plastic, get at local auto parts store, in a pinch I use WD-40.

Believe it or not peanut butter works awsome! Does not leave the plastic oily if replacing decals.

With strawberry jam or grape jelly???? :naughty:

Seriously, how in the heck did you ever think to try using peanut butter to remove glue residue????

I have always used a solvent cleaner ,just dont leave it on to long! :naughty:

goof off, the best by far...

The best natural cellulose solvent is Naptha or Spirits of Naptha. :naughty:

This is the "active" stuff in golf grip tape solvent, goof off, and is sold as rubber cement thinner. Works very well softening all types of sticky residue, grease, and chain wax. Naptha evaporates quickly and it won't hurt plastics like solvents with acetone or benzene.

The usual cautions apply: Use in a well ventilated area and keep away from open flame... And don't drink the stuff!! :naughty:

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