vortex X10


I have a Vortex cdi x10 and i try to find the Ignition Curve Editor software

for create ignition curve, if anyone have a copy of this software, may be

its possible to send it to me.



Hi Coco,

I have an X10 as well, where I got it from they do there own curves as well and as far as I am aware the software is not readily available as such.

You definately cannot edit any of the current curves, you have to create a whole new 10 curves and it would be best done if you have access to a dyno.


Bonjour Puttikan,

How to create a set of 10 curves, and upload in the Vortex unit.


The curves that are set are supposed to be whats best for any particular mode.Unless your an engine builder and need a certain curve for a mod you did it should be left alone.Or contact the company tell them what your looking for and let them do it for you .I can't believe out on 10 curves you cant find one or two to your liking.

Wanta Kai CoCo

Only authorised Vortex dealers will have available to them the software to create the curves, because they have the equipment and knowledge to do it. Where I bought my X10 from in Australia they do, in the US I know that Tokyo Mods does, in France I have no clue, but as honda 88 said let them do it, and play with the 10 curves you have.

The challenge would be to have a dial for the 10 directly on your bars not 2.


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