yzf,crf,kxf,rmz which one

im in the process of buying one i want the most reliable one so the crf is out im leaning towards the yammie is there less top end rebuilds with a yammie. cos i would really like a kw/suz

Your probably right about the blue bike. I do believe they are more reliable, I had a wr250 with lots of hours and zero problems, great bike.

As for my KX, it is highly modified and has been the picture of health. I do keep up on things, so maintenance is not an issue. But the bike has been every bit as reliable as my wr. So what is the conclusion, YMMV, mine has been good, others less so. But the KX is light years ahead of the blue bike in, handling, nimbleness, usable power and most of all fun to ride. I switched bikes with a friend on a yz450 last Sat. and had to pry him off my bike while I was happy to give his back. The yz had great power but felt like riding an 18 wheeler after the KX. Just my opinion for what it's worth.


ive ridden blue for life, i used to ride an 01 yz250f and also yz125's now i ride a 05 kx250f and im in love i never liked kawasaki's but i wanted to be different than everyone else and ride green and now i'll never ride another bike agian

Go green I also have ridden blue forever. Rode my pals Kawi and bought one 2-weeks after. Yes not as reliable but if you take care of it, it will take care of you. The trade off form the Blue Tank was totaly worth it.

Since you posted in the kxf forum everyone should say the kawi.I like the kawi and it is fun to ride and has a good motor and a low center of gravity but reliability is not so good.My friend had to replace his valves on his kxf after about half a year of riding.Me on the other hand with my yz250f has never had to adjust or replace my valves.Now thats reliability.

I will be getting a brand new 2005 model so are the rmz/kxf's improved alot than in 2004 if I keep the regular maintenance (oil,oil filter air filter ) and just ride around very easy trails that are not any strain on the bike when will I have to check valves and have a top end

i had a YZ it felt really clunky and unbalanced on ground and in air. Got my 04 rmz its mint it has heaps better balance and a better feel.

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