What oil are you all using in your gear box?

Are you using 80-85w gear oil, 10w-40 engine oil, 10w.30 engine oil, 15-50 engine oil or something else? if its something else than what is it?

I use Pro Honda 80W/85W Trans Oil and I don't know it that is the same as 80-85W gear oil, but that's how I voted.

10W40 Transoil (Motul)

I've tried many brands and weights. Only happy with Honda trans oil (red bottle). Its the only stuff that makes my bike shift smooth. Its harder to click it into another gear with any other oil.

thank you all for voting.

Mobil 1 5w40 synthetic

Motul 10w40 engine oil & Motul transoil. They make good stuff!!

50/50 mix of Red Line LightWeight, and Super LightWeight, ShockProof Gear Oil...

450x - Gn4 10 W - 40

5w-30 and the trans shifts very nice.

I used this for the winter. I will probably try a 15-40 for the summer.

20/50 Valvoline All Climate dinosaur oil. The clutch works better and it shifts like butter.

10w40 amsoil...no problems with a ton of hours. well, at least no problems with the one i have owned since new in 02. the used 02 i bought, dont get me started. owner must have thought adding oil when it was low was changing it, tith all the nagging problems i have ran into.

honda gn4 20w50

15w-40 Shell Rotella-T. Can't say it always clicks into gear nicely, but never thought to blame the oil. The protection is supposed to be the best for the money.

Honda GN4 20-50

The pro honda gear oil works great for me!

Rotella T 15w-40. At around $6.50 per gallon at Wally World. IMHO, anything else you are paying too much.



MOTUL 10W40 In engine and trans.

We are using Honda 80/85 trans oil in our 04 crf 250r and 05 crf450r. We started out using same honda gn4 in the trans as we did on the engine side, but both clutches went out within a month of each other. :naughty: Our Honda dealer told us to stop using engine oil and go with trans oil. Have not had any problems since. :naughty: Have since went to Mobile 1 syn in engines.

I was told by the guys at Honda to run HP-4 in the trans: 10W-40 Gold bottle.And to use HP-4m Silver bottle in the engine. I have used these for two years of supermoto/motocross racing without any kind of oil related problem or undue wear on engine parts. I am sure that there are other good oils, but these have worked well for me so i didn't switch.

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