oil filter change??

Hi guys i just replaced my oil filter for the 1st time just want to

check that i did it ok....I removed 2 bolts took out old replaced with

new ..slid piece back in closed up thats it...sound ok..Please advise

if there should be spring in there as klx 300 apparently has..Also as far as positioning just putting the cover back on correctly should align everything...right?

On what?

Yes there should be a spring in there... when you take the cover off.. the oil spills out with the filter. Typically the spring dissappears into my oil pan and I have to search for it - lots of fun! :naughty:

When putting it back together, the spring goes in first, then the filter, then the cover. Due to the spring, it's tricky to put back together unless you tip the bike right over.

On what?

From his past posts, it looks like he has a KLX650.

Ride on


yes.. sorryt is a klx 650...there is no spring in mine...previous owner it looks like..should i not ride the bike till i get 1 or is it ok?

If there is supposed to be a spring in there, I wouldn't ride much with out it. The oil won't have to go THROUGH the filter with it missing.

(Don't) Ride on


why don't you go to buykawasaki.com or bikebandit.com and see on the diagrams if there's supposed to be a spring or not.

Due to the spring, it's tricky to put back together unless you tip the bike right over.

Tip of the day... just put a dab of grease on the spring first and it will stay in place.

Better yet, bend the last winding on the spring out a little with needle nosed pliers and it will stay in place

Or, flop your bike over on it's side. The three officially approved methods for keeping the spring in. :naughty:

It may be only 2 after I try the bent spring tip.

is is a KLX650 or KLX650c dual sport??? The KLX650c does not have a spring, just a tube

my klx 650 dosent have a spring on the outside of the pin that goes through the oil filter but the pin does have one on the inside. the bike shop told me that the klx 650 only has the spring on the inside

Or just do like I do. Put your kickstand down in the soft dirt and then it just falls over for you. Dumb mistake, but a good learning experience.

I have a 2004 Honda CRF250R and it has a similar system, again as the manual instructs to put grease on the seat of the spring that sits in the recess of the oil filter. That way it is pretty good to go.

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