WR250F 05 UK (usa spec) MODS

Picking up my wr250f 05 (usa spec) tomorrow, the mods i know about are remove the spark arrestor, air box snorkle, reroute the cylinder head breather, air screw 1 + 3/4 turns out and cut don the throttle stop. Is there anything else I need to do to prepare the bike for green lane use?

for those of us on the west side of the big pond, what does "GREEN LANE" mean?

I don't think you *need* :naughty: to do any of the mods for green lane use but it will be a better bike for doing them. You might want to disconnect the grey wire too.

Oh by the way a Green Lane is typically an unsurfaced road with vehicular access rights....

Registered, taxed and insured!!! If we want the lanes to remain open then we need to be legal to stand a chance... we want to beat the toffs and walkers on this.


BTW are you in Gloucestershire - I know of somebody bringing in 2 WR's and wondered if there was a connection?

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