how do i get more low end on my 05 wr

i did all the free mods, i love the bike but would like a little more low end grunt, looking for bolt on stuff, will i yz pipe do anything for lowend, anyone go down just one on the rear sprocket, thanks for the input

The power now helps with low end. Also FMF sells a powerbomb header and, coming soon, the megabomb header, and these both help low end. The JD jetting kit helps all across the board, as does a YZF pipe.

I've tried going down one tooth on the FRONT sprocket to 12T, but it was too low for me. Lost too much top end. Lots of guys run a 12T front sprocket though. Going UP one (or two or three) on the rear is worth trying. I just felt like I lost more top end than I gained in bottom end.

Well, not quite bolt on - Hotcams. Lots more bottom end, pulls well from 4/5K. Look at their website - they have a plot of their cams v.s YZ - they make the difference the comparison curves show.


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