YZ 250F trail gearing

Anybody who rides tight trails, what gearing do you have?

My brother just got a 04' YZF250 and I have a 04' CRF450. I run 13/52 gearing but I am not sure what would be best for his. I think that he needs something close to mine but I can't find the gear ratio reduction, for his first gear.

Thanks, excellent source of info!

Be sure and use the site map.

13/50 is the best for woods.. not bad for most tracks either.

13/50 is the best for woods.. not bad for most tracks either.


add 1 tooth to this if rider over 200-210 lbs, or deep, deep sand, or high elevation.

Your trying to achieve the 3rd gear rule which is bike should be able to pull rider out of all but the slowest. tightest corner in 3rd.

I am running the 13/50 as well. Works great everywhere!

The trails I ride on are super tight and have lots of sand. I run 13/52 so that I can eliminate 1st gear all together.

Thanks for all the responses.

He has a 49 tooth on his old WR that we are going to try out this weekend. I suspect that it will still be a little high but we will see.

mine has 10/48. i bought it used and the guy only rode trails. its good for trails but lacks top end. i will be changing it back to 13/48 soon.

Anyone knows where to get a 10 teeth front sprocket?

I use 13/52 on my YZ. I use 2nd and third mostly with 1st just being for really steep hill climbs.

with the 13/52 when you hit a hill climb in second do you have to down early or will 2nd pull you up the hill. the hill isnt very steep just up at the top.

I don't think there's any way you could get a meaningful answer to this question, unless we could see the hill in person.

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