raising up drz-125

I have a 14 yr old that keeps on growing, he is still a beginner and thought the drz-125 would be a good starter bike. I just bought the drz-125. Is the only way to get more seat height by changing the the front and rear tires&wheels. Or is there another method that might save $$$$.

Buy taller seat foam would be cheaper. Also raise the rear shock.

When you change the rear wheel and tire, you also have to buy the DR-Z125L swingarm. This raises the rear and keeps the larger tire from rubbing on things. Unfortunately, that adds significantly to the cost of your upgrade.

if you want more power, BBR Makes a good pipe and a kit that pumps it up to 150cc

If you havent noticed already the DRZ-125 is the same as the KAwasaki KLX 125

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