DRZ250 throttle off question?

to all,

has anyone experienced the "rapid decelleration" at lower speeds when you back off the throttle? is there anyway to smooth out the rapid power off that makes low speed manuevers a real pain. i stiffened up the front forks to reduce the dive effect but the thought of going over the handlebars because of the sudden power off engine breaking is no fun. is it because of the flat slide and acellerator pump?

i got out tuesday and put 40+ miles on a local ga ohv and the bike was a blast but the low speed behavior needs some work. my dr650 is way smoother at lower speeds but is a hog on single track where the 250 shines.

thanks for any assistance.

You need to open the idle screw by maybe half a turn (I mean the inside screw, not the outside one) and maybe go up 1 or 2 notches on the idle jet.

What altitude are you at and what fuel do you run? Is your exhaust stock?

its called engine braking, buddy. its perfectly normal, every fourstroke has engine braking, no there is nothing wrong with your bike.

gee really engine braking. duh i mean that simple. don't seem to have that problem on my big ole dr650. now why would a little ole 250 want to throw me over the handle bars but a big bad 650 is just smooth as silk coming off throttle. a even my v-twin dl650 doesnt' treat as rude as my 250.

if that is "normal" behavior for a drz250, then i'll jsut have ot suck it up and live with it. just doesn't seem right though. i like the other reply that gave me some what sound like some sound ideals based on experience.

you sound like a bad dealer where everything is "normal" when they don't want to or can't fix it.

as usual with most new bikes, i'm sure it due to overly lean jetting and the accellerator pump and flat slide which together shut down the low to mid range fuel flow quicker than a cv or round slide type.

i'll adjust the idle screw and adjust the needle. i'm sure that will sweeten up the low speed handling.

thanks for the reply though. always good to hear from a fellow drz250 owner or not.



i'm at about 1000' ASL here in atlanta. i use 93 octane amoco and am still using the stock exhaust.

i plan to try your suggestions. similiar mods worked wonders on my dr650. i put in a k&n filter, turned the idle screw out 2.25 turns, and put .030" washer under the needle. purrs like a tiger now. tried a dynajet kit but didn't want to cut on the airbox. i'm happy with the on and off road performance now and still get about 50 mpg.

thanks agian for the help.


its called engine braking, buddy. its perfectly normal, every fourstroke has engine braking, no there is nothing wrong with your bike.

You should get out of 2nd gear once in a while, buddy.

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