Powernow for DRZ400?

Anyone tried the powernow insert? Do they really work? Does jetting or anything else have to be changed?

Forget it

First class snake oil

Well I've been running a homemade one for about 3 years. Yes there was improvement but not enuff to spend $100.00. Hence the homemade one. But I'm running the flowcommander now and it is all it claims. Here's a pic along side my stock spigot.


Where did you get the Flowcommander? Did you have to rejet? How was the install?

This link doesn't . I Would like to know more about the Flow Commander. Could you post a link to there web site or tell me were you got it. Thanks.

Yeah we need more.

So, Has anyone else tried the Flowcommander?

By the way foots, I noticed that you are from Alabama and the company that makes that thing is in Alabama. Do you work there? :naughty:

I'd be interested to hear from other users about the flowcommander.

Anyway back to a powernow - I also made my own and did notice quite a big difference, confirmed by back to back running with a standard bike. The difference is not at full throttle though which makes sense if you think the divider plate is meant to reduce turbulence at part throttle openings. I find that the bike pulls stronger and smoother at small throttle openings and will pull better from low revs. There is also less bog. Full throttle - no difference.

That's what I found anyway but I wouldn't buy one when you can make and fit one in an hour or 2 for free.

Buddy of mine bought it for his wr400 along with other mods. he still losses to my drz400e

I intend on buying one of those flow commanders. They look promising for the ultimate in carb tweaking.

I've read through all of this and I guess I need the "Idiots Guide to FloCommanders"! What is this doing, and why do I need one :naughty:

The Flow Commander does pretty much the same as the adjustable pilot air jet but also does it with the main air jet also. Now here's the kicker !! You adjust it with the bike running !! No more tearing down your bike to make an adjustment. Go riding and make your adjustment at your own leisure. You will be able to notice the difference right off. Not like now when you make an adjustment in your garage and then 2 days later get to go riding to see if if made a difference.

No I don't work for Steve and hadn't even heard of this guy until a couple of weeks ago. But what this guy has done and is doing is something else.

Oh yea, one of the dirt rags will have a article coming out soon on the Flow Commander. So you better get them before everybody wants one because we all know what happens then.....higher prices.


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