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Front Brake line twisting

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I have a 04’ 450SMC (SX with some added SM parts) which came with the 4 piston Beringer caliper (shown below) attached to the stock SX master cylinder.


I bought the KTM HardParts Brembo 16mm radial master cylinder (shown below) so I‘ll have two complete sealed front brake assemblies (SX caliper with SX master cylinder & Beringer 4 piston caliper with Brembo radial master cylinder).


I need an additional front brake line and asked the dealer to provide one that would work when I ordered the Brembo radial master cylinder, but they did not send me one. I then discovered that the stock KTM SX version won‘t fit.

The Brembo radial master cylinder has the brake line’s banjo bolt mounting from below (barely visible in pic above) , while the SX caliper has it from the side, horizontal. This requires the line to be twisted 90 degrees which puts tension on the banjo-to-line mount.

Apparently the 05’ SMR front brake line is aligned correctly, but at 1175mm long may be too short for the taller suspension of the SX suspended SMC (SX brake hose length is 1235mm according to the KTM‘s parts catalog). And worse, my KTM dealer informed me that KTM USA is out of stock of the 05’ SMR line.

So I’ll have to go aftermarket and I’m considering the Moose line, but don’t know much about the end fittings and how they are positioned.


Spiegler lines come with a patented ‘torsion’ fitting, allowing the banjo end to spin on the line, thus preventing lines from being twisted.


Sounds good but I’m not sure how long it would take to get a custom line made (I need it within a week to prep for race practice) or the cost. I wonder if the Moose line has a similar setup allowing the end to be turned without putting twisting tension on the line?

Anyone have experience with the Moose line and how it works in regard to twisting? Anyone order a custom Spiegler line? How long did it take and the cost?

Any other suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thanks, MarkLC

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Speigler ships their lines the same day as long as it isn't late in the day - Call them to place the order after you fax the print from below. If they are out of a certain color they will tell you but 99% of the time everything is in stock.

This company is very good with quick shipments.

Just measure everything twice to make sure.

It's under the Motocross line part of their web site. Here is the link.


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