the landing on sunday 4/10!!!

anybody planning on ridiing on sunday? should be there with a few other tt'ers.

blue chevy colorado with yzf250 black backgrounds, no numers.

anybody, the track should be good!!

just raced there last sunday....what a nightmare!!!

Rain. I'm heading out to Mountaineer Raceway though :naughty:

On sunday of course :naughty:

We're planning to be at Rocket Raceway 9th-10th!

So should you!

Dad said no because it is a three hour drive to Rocket and a One to Mountaineer. :naughty::D:cry::naughty::D:D

What about the other guy??

IT's worth the 3 hour trip dude. Huffa and MX600 travel 5 hours one way to ride there!

It's 1.5 hours from here, but we've driven 3 hours already to MX573 once a year.

i've got plans on saturday night, it was my plan to go, but i would rather make a weekend of it. the landing is only an hour drive for me

where is ti exactly?? how far from new haven area CT

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