Where to ride Sat...

Kinda getting bored w/ the Hindsight track. Any suggestions on where to ride this weekend not far from Portland??? Trails/track, I don't care.


We finally got a practice in at Albany yesterday. :naughty: Now it is raining again! There are races scheduled for both Sat. and Sun. If it doesn't rain TOO much they will probably still run. Might be a little muddy. :naughty: You can check their website www.albanymx.com and call on Friday.

Our son is dealing with a hurt knee, but we are planning on Sunday.

What class are you in?

I'm going to take the family and hit Riverdale raceway Sat. Exit 46 in Washington so only about 40-50 min from Portland for you. I have been to this track before and it has alot of sand so rain or shine should still be open. Another Alt is Eddiville in gloldendale. Go to www.overthebarsgang.com for info and directions.

Yes riverdale is a good track but I think I might go hit up Alderdale (it's near goldendale maybe 20 more miles) Depends on the weather. www.alderdalemxpark.com I really don't want to ride n the mud and rain again I did that a few weeks ago at washougal hope the next practice doesn't rain out.

If you can define "not far" as 3hours or so, Alderdale is the shit! They get little rain and if you're from Utah you should have no problem with the wind............

Mt. View in sandy jsut opened last weekend although with the rain I don't know if they have ran yet. They have a limited practice on the weekends first 35 riders to sign up for 35$ i believe.

website was down last i checked but this is the address I got.


If you in the hillsboro area should be about an hour. give or take a few.

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