ktm oil screen leak

Still cannot stop the small oil leak from the oil screen on the bottom of my uk ktm exc 450.

Replaced rubber seal twice. Torqued properly etc - still leaking.

Not keen on using ptfe tape ( teflon ) has anyone got any other ideas please.

come on the toon

By leak, I guess you mean oil leaking past the threads of the oil plug onto the floor. Whether its the side plug under the countershaft sprocket or the plug under the frame, using contact cleaner make sure the threads in the engine and the plug(s) are thoroughly clean. If there is a maching problem, they do sell a hex head aftermarket plug for the under-the-engine location that might be better. This is for the 05' at least. Leaks are generally the result of poor gasket or debris interference, the teflon tape should not be necessary.

Rubber seal??? Not shure which you are talking about?

Teflon Tape is not a sealent, it is a lubricant used to allow you to get tapered "pipe" thread conections tighter, thus those tapered threads seal better by being tightened further

thanks guys,

it is indeed the allen bolt head in the bottom of the engine casing.

by rubber seal, I meant therubber o ring on the bolt thread.

Gonna clean it all out and give it another go - cheers

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