Drz 400s

anyone got experience with the carb?

this kinda runs like when you overfill the tank and fuel get into the EPA unit. (Yes it's a CA model)

I opened up the exhaust a little, sounds like a hefty thumper but now it seams to cut out and miss around 4-5,000rpms.

I don't know if it has anything to do with the opening up of the exhaust or not?

any expert help would be great.


Welcome to TT :naughty:

Nothing to do with the exahaust opening you did.

Its lean from the factory to meet emission standards. :naughty:

Take a look on this http://www.drz.info/drz/ This is what you need to do and your problem will be gone. In fact it will be snappier and more powerfull.

Do the 3x3mod and DynoJet it its the #1 mod here

4000 to 5000 rpm miss -- Does it rev thru the range where it misses? or is that as fast as it will spin?

Thanks Deman,

The guy that had it B4 me did a dyno kit...

not sure what Main jet is installed or if he did that 3"X3" box mod.

Will check and advize




4000-5000rpm is my guess since no tach.

it revs through but starts missing the whole way up.

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