throttle stop

yz throttle stop yamaha part # 5JG-14591-00

is excactly the right length so you don`t have to monkey around with cutting the WR one to the propper length. I missed twice

will this fit in a 98 wr400f?

ps. what should my jetting be for optimum performance?

-yzf pipe

-uncovered airbox

-shortened throttle stop (or soon to be)

-possibly yzf timing in near future



So what IS the correct length?


You need to cut the WR stop to 23 mm.

I have a Baja Design YZ timing kit I bought for my 99 WR, but with all the free mods, and gray wire cut, I don't need it. I ride tight woods, and my WR absolutely rips. I'm running 13/55 sprockets, with stock jetting, and the front end comes up at will. Let me know if you are interested


No, the 01 throttle stop will not fit in your 98.

As far as how to cut the throttle stop and how much. My opinion is that every bike has the potential to be different, so tirm it to fit.

The best way to do the is to completely take of the carb and get familiar with how to open and close the throttle valve manually and how the throttle stop is working. Next, go ahead and take the stop out. When you get it out you will be able to open and close the throttle valve fully. Ideally you want that throttle valve to open just enough to clear the venturi. With your finger you will be able to manipulate the valve and look at about how much needs to come off, cut "alittle" off the stop, put it back in, repeat until that thottle valve just clears the venturi. Thread lock it in and you are done.

xxracer, as for jetting I will tell you what works for me but please remember your jetting will probably be slightly different be cause of where you live and so on.

99 WR

no air box lid

no grey wire

01 yz header and silencer

fuel screw 1.5-2.0 out

EKN needle 3rd clip

Please remember this is just a good place to start... :)

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