Picture of Unabikers CF skidplate?

Anyone know of or have a pic to post of the CF sklate Unabikers working on?



Now I see why it IS worth the wait!!!

Any idea on ETA?

Haha you posted like the same second i did.

No idea on ETA...he said it was just about ready for a bit, but hes super busy and has moved to his new shop..so just gettin it all together i guess. Should be soon..I'm in line forsure.

That's gonna be teh saxy on my black SM!

Do you have a phone number?

I did not see any contact info on his site. Did I miss it?

So your in line and paid? If so how much?

I havent paid, but I plan to. By in line I just mean I'm drooling over the thing and want to get one ASAP :naughty:

I think he said it will be a bit over 200bux to get one :naughty: But worth it.

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