Clutch noise

Does anyone have a little rattle like sound coming from there clutch on ther 05 450? It goes away when the clutch is pulled in! I took a look inside and every thing is new and tight! :naughty:

i have an 04yz450 and i hear the same thing... like when i put it in neutral and just sit there... can here a little rattle or tick... but one i pull in the clutch it is gone!

dont know if it is bad or anything but i havent had any problems! :naughty:

It's normal for the trans to rattle at an idle in neutral. The engine is actually accelerating and decelerating as it fires and then hits the next compression stroke. This is transferred to the transmission, where it rattles all thegears back and forth against each other. When you pull the clutch in, you disconnect the trans, so the noise stops. Not a problem.

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