Do all Wr450's come restricted from Japan?

Hi, do all Wr450's come rstricted i.e without the free mods from the factory regardless of which country they are supplied to?

Only im picking my new bike up on saturday, an 04 Wr450. Its a UK bike and was wondering if it will also be restricted, the guy im buying it off didnt know anything about any mods that i had heard about from this site.

When i test rode the bike it felt really quick but then i've never ridden another so wouldnt know if it was restricted or not!

Any thoughts??


If it's a UK bike then I don't think it should require the mods, however make sure it is a UK bike if that's what you really want. I bought a "UK" bike from a dealer only to find it was a US bike....... Not a problem but I had to do the mods myself...

Mine's a 250 by the way but I'm assuming that doesn't make any difference....

UK bike may have the exhaust restrictor welded in there, you many need to holesaw it out, it depends if its a street legal version or not. There shouldn't be any other mods to do, aside from the swingarm slider thing.

I didnt go to too much trouble and just put lots of silicone sealant in there.

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